Poem: Risk-Taking Warrior

i make my way up to the board,
taking a stand ready to fall,
prepared my mind for this dive,
ready to plunge, i waste no time;

i close my eyes and feel the wind,
breathed in the air that’s bittersweet,
i’m at the edge, i have no fear,
water below seems so clear;

the crowd behind are watching me,
they cheer me on, they want to see,
will i sink or will i float?
their eyes on me as i let go;

i take that dive into the deep,
i fall with grace that carries me,
this tumble seems to never end,
it takes me straight to earth’s deep end;

i’m in the core of all that’s real,
i sense the harshness in the still,
a depth of loneliness so bare,
will i be beat or will i dare;

i feel the pain it is so raw,
my brown skin scratched to bitter sore,
an ego flees like terrored night,
a pride departs in fearful fright;

with all the might of earth’s great force,
i charge ahead to reach my cause,
i have felt strife, i have known pain,
without these stripes, i’d have no gain;

a warrior born into this place,
i grow and rise up to the plate,
fearless one from earth’s deep end,
the risk was worth the prize at hand.

“Risk-Taking Warrior”, poem by Miriam Ratu.

Risking one’s comfort zone and reaching for the stars will often attract people on the sideline watching to see if you’ll make it or not, if you’ll finish what you’ve started or quit when it gets tough, if you’ll succeed or fail.

This poem conveys the ups and downs, pains and triumphs of aspiring to achieve one’s own goals and dreams. So, let that warrior spirit rise up within you to take hold of your own destiny and fulfill your calling. Be fearless, be powerful, be a warrior!

*** Artwork on permission by Giselle Ukardi ***

Beyond the Pacific

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  1. Matt

    May 31, 2018

    What’s up Miriam? I am visiting this website daily 🙂 This poem resonates with me as I get excited taking risks in life then see it turn out well. Well done to your poetry…

    • Beyond the Pacific

      June 1, 2018

      Thank you for visiting my website, I appreciate that Matt. It was scary at first to share my deepest thoughts through poems but I’m proud that it is straight from the heart and is authentic too. Really glad you like the poem, I will share a lot more soon. Cheers, Miriam 🙂

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    • Beyond the Pacific

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      Ok, thanks for the info.

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  4. carina_rabinovitch

    December 1, 2019

    Nice poem!

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