Podcast: Cassaundra Rangip – Founder of Pacific Fashion Festival

Season 1, Episode 3

“When we accept violence to a certain extent, that’s when it can be accepted to the worst extent,” quote by Cassaundra Rangip [Cass].

In this podcast episode, Cass shares how and why she started Brisbane-based ‘Pacific Fashion Festival’ [PFF] in 2014 without any funding or financial contribution.

Pacific Fashion Festival

She also relays the reason why she chose fashion as the platform to create awareness about gender-based and sorcery-based domestic violence.

Cass lets us in on her vision for PFF in the next 5-10 years, such as:

  • expanding its reach, and
  • remaining self-sustainable at a grassroots level.

Her non-profit organisation is created for the people by the people. To explore more about Pacific Fashion Festival, click here.

10 Fun Facts About Cassaundra Rangip

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  2. My first job:
  3. Favourite smell from the kitchen:
  4. My signature dish:
  5. My most attractive feature:
  6. A pet hate of mine:
  7. Home to me is:
  8. Best line from a favourite movie:
  9. Something you may not know about me:
  10. A moment that changed my life:
Cassaundra Rangip

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  1. Ella Swenson

    November 18, 2019

    Hey Beyond the Pacific, this is so awesome! So great to discover someone with a little originality and genuine thoughts on this issue. Keep it up!

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