Podcast: Neil Fairhead – Director of Strategic Partnerships for ‘BestAround’

Season 2, Episode 3

“An alternative method to merely writing down goals or creating a vision board is to firstly work out if you are willing to pay the price for what you want to purchase in business and/or in life,” quoting sales guru Neil Fairhead.


Is setting goals the biggest waste of time? In this thought-provoking podcast Series 2, Episode #3, Neil shares some of his secrets that has propelled him to be a sought-after sales and business strategic guru throughout his lifetime career.

Merely setting goals is something that Neil believes doesn’t practically work and he enlightens us as to why and the proof that he has encountered in his career. 


If you’re starting a business, a fitness regime or a personal project, Neil proposes to keep in mind that:

1. Making the decision to launch will be the hardest thing you do;

2. You need to be honest and frank with disruptors in your life, such as family and friends, that you need time away from them while you grow your endeavour; and

3. Ascertain if you are willing to pay the price it takes to be a successful businessperson, a fit individual or have an influential project.

I am confident that you will get a lot out of this podcast, especially an alternative method to merely setting goals but to ascertain your purchase and then discover if you are willing to pay the price required.

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10 Fun Facts About Neil Fairhead

  1.  A nickname of mine: When I was growing up, it was Reds because of my red hair but I didn’t really like it. They didn’t have the word Ranga back then.
  2. My first job: Unpacking boxes at Peter’s Place Supermarket in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, when I was 14 years old.
  3. Favourite smell from the kitchen: Anyone cooking dinner but me.
  4. My signature dish: A gourmet deli platter.
  5. My most attractive feature: Sleeping … haha!
  6. A pet hate of mine: Being woken up & someone else’s alarm clock.
  7. Home to me is: A place where I am surrounded by love and care – care is a very important element for me.
Neil Bio2

8. Best line from a favourite movie: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” from Jaws; the least of their problems was a bigger boat.

9. Something you may not know about me: I really love listening to music with big headphones on, an LP record playing and reading the dust covers.

10. A moment that changed my life: The moment I got introduced to God back in 1988, it completely changed my life.

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