WOWS Kids Fiji: Caring for Children with Cancer

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  • September 18, 2019
Walk on Walk Strong [WOWS] Kids: Caring for Children with Cancer
1st from left is Ms Sina Kami, Co-Founder and Tae Kami’s mum

One of the most heartbreaking situations I have come across in this lifetime is seeing innocent children suffer terminal illnesses and orphans who have been abandoned to the streets.

Therefore, it was a great privilege, whilst I was in Fiji, to be invited to a WOWS Kids tea-party to meet staff before visiting children who had been diagnosed with cancer at the local hospital in Suva.

Staff of WOWS Kids Fiji

WOWS Kids Fiji was established in 2014 to fulfil the mandate of the Tae Kami Foundation, which is a registered charity in Tonga.

Tae Kami was only 15 years old in August 2008 when she passed away due to a very rare form of cancer, being a tumor in her face.

Tae’s dying wish was that her parents would set up a centre to assist children with cancer in the South Pacific region.

Tae also wrote and left behind a song called, “Walk on Walk Strong”, which has inspired the name of the organisation based at 251 Rewa Street in Suva, Fiji. I’ve shared the lyrics of the song below and believe it will touch your heart:

                  For the storm won't last too long,
                  Walk on, Walk Strong
                  When everything seems wrong,
                  Hold on, Walk On

                  Thru the fear and thru the fire
                  You'll find the way out,
                  Thru the pain and misconceptions,
                  Thru the sorrow and the doubt
                  When you look beyond your troubles,
                  Then you'll figure it out
                  You will find...

                  That the storm won't last too long
                  Walk on, Walk strong
                  When everything seems wrong,
                  Hold on,Walk On...

                  She's crying in the corner,
                  The work's never done,
                  I'm tryin to explain to her that the victory has been won

                  Don't Be Afraid
                  There's Peace Beyond the rain
                  I'll be okay...

                  The pain never lasts
                  It's now  in the past
                  Hold on. walk on.
Tae Kami with her parents Sina Kami and Taholo Kami
Pic credit: WOWS Kids website

WOWS Kids is a resource centre, which supports children in their early diagnosis of cancer. Right now in Fiji, over 60 children are diagnosed with the disease and the centre do all they can to transport the sick and their parents and/or guardians to local hospitals.

I learned that the organisation requires around FJD $300,000 (AUS $202,000) per year to cover and provide much-needed services such as transportation, food and hospital costs.

Visiting children in hospital

The vision of the organisation is that:

Children with cancer and their families receive appropriate and timely support throughout the treatment and the next stages and are cared and provided for in a loving and compassionate environment by their families, their communities and related institutions.

L-R: Div Damodar, yours truly, Ana Tuiketei, WOWS Kids Staff Member and Rowie Lal

If you want to support this foundation, you can do so in a number of ways:

  • Become a volunteer.
  • Become a corporate partner.
  • Take part in WOWS events.
  • Organise your own event for WOWS.
  • Assist with the organisation’s wish list.

“Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.”


For more information, email or go over to their website: Help a Fijian child in need today.

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