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Hello from the world of Beyond the Pacific! Thanks for dropping in, whether as a returning friend or for the first time.

I’m Miriam Ratu, better known as Miri, face and author behind Beyond the Pacific.

Being surrounded by countless books at a very early age resulted in a deep love for reading & writing throughout my life. A few years ago, I decided to put my writing online and share ideas on many topics I find interesting.

I also dabble in poetry and although it leaves me feeling exposed, I’m relieved that I have had such positive feedback after releasing my poems, and I got to do my first poetry slam in December 2018.

Words enthusiastDreamer

To complete the package, I released my podcasting channel via SoundCloud a few months ago and have had a wonderful response from the community about it. My podcasts are all about celebrating the greatness and entreprenurial spirit in our Pasifika community, and I’m really excited about growing this channel in 2019.

Australia has been home for 30+ years after my family and I moved to Melbourne from Fiji in 1987. My dad’s side is from Rukuruku, Tavua and mum is from Soa Village, Nakorotubu, Ra. So, being a Fiji-born Australian, the words Beyond the Pacific sum up my whole life in a sense.

Ratu family

Ratu family

For as long as I can remember since I was a teenager, I would convey my views,
feelings and ideologies about life through poems, short stories, songs and journals.

As time went on, and due to a growing trend of people asking for information or how-to advice on certain aspects of life, I thought it was time to gather all these answers under one umbrella through Beyond the Pacific.

I don’t claim to be a guru of any sort but became a blogger
due to my pure 
love of the art of writing!

Vlog Intro

When I’m not writing my life away or easing the nerves before recording podcasts or spending hours at a bookshop, I’m cuddling my 2 fluffy Ragdoll cats [Cleo & Patra] when they let me, enjoying the great outdoors with hubby and drinking endless amounts of tea with my step-daughter.

I graduated from Bond University in June 2018 with a Bachelor of Business degree and have enjoyed my career as a Business Operations Manager on the Gold Coast. I’m also halfway through my deferred Bachelor of Laws degree and look forward to practising law in far future. When I find that creative mojo again, I will get back to my passion for fashion and shoe design through my label House of Ratu.

Cleo the cuddler ... free hugs anyone?

Cleo the cuddler … free hugs anyone?

Patra in her Bond Uni graduation outfit

Patra the adorable … graduating to extra cuteness!

In my purpose-driven time and to give back to the community, I serve as Secretary on the non-profit board of directors for ‘The Leniata Legacy‘, actively contribute to the ‘Pacific Fashion Festival‘ committee and a current member of the ‘Pasifika Women’s Alliance‘.

It has been a life-long dream come true to advocate against gender-based domestic violence and to speak up against abuse on children through these non-profit organisations.

Secretary on ‘The Leniata Legacy’ Board

PFF Committee

Visuals Manager on the ‘Pacific Fashion Festival’ Committee

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