Miriam Fairhead

Hello from the world of Beyond the Pacific! Thanks for dropping in, whether as a returning friend or for the first time.

There’s no claim of being a guru of any sort or to offer advice of any kind, purely sharing from a diverse well of knowledge and experiences, pulled together from many years and areas of expertise, in a format that I love most: writing!

I’m Miriam Fairhead (née Ratu) and it is my sincere wish that blogs, vlogs, poetry and podcasts shared through this Beyond the Pacific space will resonate with you and that you may leave here better than when you first arrived – maybe with a smile or had an a-ha moment; and I have no doubt you may disagree with some content shared.

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Values | Vision | Mission


Beyond the Pacific is kept aligned by six core values, which embody our culture, spirit and dedication
to creating meaningful content that will inspire people to be the best version of themselves.


  • RESPECT: Our culture is driven only by respect, honesty and a spirit of collaboration.
  • CARE: We care about the well-being and success of every person.
  • CELEBRATE: We are obsessed with celebrating the achievements, talents and bravery of others.
  • QUALITY: We favour niche quality interactions as opposed to a mere quantity of associations.
  • IMPACT: We make a positive difference in every community we serve.
  • EXCELLENCE: We pursue excellence in everything we do, each blog we write and every podcast we release.


Dedicated to being a smart and savvy space sharing inspirational ideas one blog at a time;
whilst celebrating greatness & the entrepreneurial spirit in our Pasifika community.


1. To share smart and uplifting content through blogs, vlogs, poetry and podcasts;

2. To provide a savvy space that is highly informative by sharing knowledge on topics that matter to our South Pacific region and its people; and

3. To provide a platform that celebrates successful Pacific Islander entrepreneurs by discovering their journey to achievement.

Me in a Nutshell

  • My happy places are being in the great outdoors with my wonderful hubby, drinking tea with our creative daughter and cuddling our 2 fluffy Ragdoll cats called Cleo and Patra.
  • I graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Business degree and am halfway through a deferred Bachelor of Laws to be revisited in near future.
  • What keeps me busy is being Probe Group‘s Business Systems Manager where I have found my happy-career place whilst professionally growing in the quality auditing space.
  • Being a part of the social and environmental solution for the South Pacific region urged me to start a project called the South Pacific Mega Mall, connecting online Pasifika merchants with shoppers and consumers from around the world; I’m excited to relaunch SPMM in 2023.
  • My fashion label, House of Ratu, fuses traditional “tapa” prints with a modern professional twist; I will be relaunching my online store in 2023.

Thank you for stopping by. Come join me in going above and Beyond the Pacific! Miri.