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Before she took another swing at the knee-high weeds with her machete in the highlands of Soa Village in Ra, northern Fiji, my beloved grandmother Adi Arieta Adibuli Ravai looked up at the vast blue Pacific sky and asked my eldest brother, “Look at that plane flying by – if a pilot can learn how to fly that plane, why can’t you?” 

Even though those simple words weren’t specifically directed at me, they were powerful enough to impact me for life. They echo in my mind each time doubt creeps up on me, especially when I want to realise a dream or achieve a goal.

Yours truly

“Va kaukauwa [be strong]!” are words expressed by my dear mother, Maraia Ratu, née Ravai, which I can never erase from my memory. Mum repeated those two no-nonsense words each time she saw me crumble under pressure or when tears cascaded down my face due to frustration.

Those words still swirl in my head. They come back to life in my  subconscious whenever I face life’s challenges as a wife, step-mum, businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Therefore, I fully believe in the power of words. I believe you can either rise to the occasion or stumble to your feet depending on how you receive those words over your life.

It’s for the above reasons that I fell in love with the art of writing! 

Ratu family

Thank you for taking the time to be here on this space for a while.

I hope you will have some a-ha moments or be inspired by listening to a podcast or reading a blog; and I have no doubt you may disagree with something shared.

Either way, my only hope is that you’ll leave here better than when you arrived and I would appreciate your feedback or constructive criticism.

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Cleo the cuddler ... free hugs anyone?
Patra the adorable ... graduating to extra cuteness!

Me in a Nutshell

  • My happy places are being in the great outdoors with my wonderful hubby, drinking endless amounts of tea with my creative daughter and cuddling our 2 fluffy Ragdoll cats [Cleo & Patra in pics above] when they let me.
  • I graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Business degree and have enjoyed my career as a Business Operations Manager on the Gold Coast. I’m also halfway through a deferred Bachelor of Laws degree and will complete my legal studies in future.
  • When I find that creative mojo again, I will return to my passion for mixing island breeze & cosmopolitan chic in one fabulous unique style through my fashion label House of Ratu.
  • In my purpose-driven time, I serve as Secretary on the non-profit board of directors for The Leniata Legacy and actively contribute to the Pacific Fashion Festival committee. For six years now, I have been advocating against gender-based domestic violence and against abuse on children through the above non-profit organisations.
  • Being a member of the Pasifika Women’s Alliance provides us the opportunity to be a voice on women’s issues, challenges and strengths to local, state and federal governments for all Pacific Islander women amongst other objectives.

Values | Vision | Mission


Beyond the Pacific is kept aligned by six core values, which embody our culture, spirit and dedication to creating meaningful content that will inspire people to be the best version of themselves.


  • RESPECT: Our culture is driven only by respect, honesty and a spirit of collaboration.
  • CARE: We care about the well-being and success of every person.
  • CELEBRATE: We are obsessed with celebrating the achievements, talents and bravery of others.
  • QUALITY: We favour niche quality interactions as opposed to a mere quantity of associations.
  • IMPACT: We make a positive difference in every community we serve.
  • EXCELLENCE: We pursue excellence in everything we do, each blog we write and every podcast we release.


Dedicated to being a smart and savvy space sharing inspirational ideas one blog at a time; whilst celebrating greatness & the entrepreneurial spirit in our Pasifika community.


1. To share smart and uplifting content through blogs, vlogs, poetry and podcasts;

2. To provide a savvy space that is highly informative by sharing knowledge on topics that matter to our South Pacific region and its people; and

3. To provide a platform that celebrates successful Pacific Islander entrepreneurs by discovering their journey to achievement.

Thank you for stopping by. Come join me in going above and Beyond the Pacific! Miri, xx.