Miriam Ratu

Hello from the world of Beyond the Pacific - a hub that is all about sharing ideas one blog at a time. Thanks for dropping in, whether as a returning friend or for the first time.

I’m Miriam Ratu, better known as Miri, face and author behind Beyond the Pacific.
  Here you’ll find  my personal musings about the world we live in,
with a special focus on business, law and lifestyle.


I’m a Fiji-born Australian,
my paternal links are from Rukuruku, Tavua and
maternal links from Soa Village, Nakorotubu, Ra.

My family and I moved to Melbourne  in 1987 and I have called Australia home for 30+ years.
As such, the words Beyond the Pacific sum up my whole life in a sense.

Gold-Coast [Queensland] based

I blog for three main reasons:

I love to write.

I love to share.

I love seeing people succeed. 

I became a casual blogger in April 2015 due to a growing trend of people asking for
information or how-to advice on certain aspects of their life.

I thought it was time to gather all these answers
under one umbrella in the form of my love of writing through Beyond the Pacific.

For as long as I can remember since I was a teenager, I would convey my views,
feelings and ideologies about the world through poems, short stories, songs and journals.

>>> I love the beauty of words, especially when they are
empowering, encouraging or enlightening <<<

Words enthusiast

Words enthusiast



Sharing of ideas related to business success and legal knowledge.
Tips on lifestyle, fashion, love and travel.
Information on humanitarian work.
Deep insights through poetry.


Yet, my knowledge and experiences are pulled together from
many areas and years of expertise.

Currently, I:

  • Study Bachelor of Laws at Bond University towards practising as a Corporate Lawyer.
  • Am an emerging fashion designer for humanitarian causes.
  • Am establishing fashion label House of Ratu.
  • Cuddler of two adorable & fluffy Ragdoll cats called Cleo_&_Patra.
Cleo the cuddler ... free hugs anyone?

Cleo the cuddler … free hugs anyone?

Patra in her Bond Uni graduation outfit

Patra the fashionista … isn’t she adorable in her Bond Uni graduation outfit?

In my purpose-driven time, I:


I’m excited about growing this hub with you in mind throughout 2018.
If you have any questions or feedback, send them through here.
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Come join me in going above and Beyond the Pacific!