Update: Taking a Break
16 April 2018
I am currently taking a break from producing vlogs, back soon. Cheers, Miriam.

Gearing up for ‘Pacific Fashion Festival’ in Brisbane
Vlog: 21 August 2017
The Pacific Fashion Festival is in its 4th year running for the cause of empowering women in our communities. We have a powerful message, alongside fabulous fashion, showcasing on 28 October 2017 at Cloudland, Brisbane.

For now, here’s our wonderful 2016 team of volunteers, models and committee who worked tirelessly for this worthy cause. Click vlog for more.

Update: Back Soon
Vlog: 7 August 2017
Currently focused on upcoming law exams at Bond University. Then I will be back to share fresh and informative new vlogs again from Monday 21 August. Wish me luck! Thanks, Miriam.

Dialogue with Unga Tupou, President of ‘The Leniata Legacy’
Vlog: 24 July 2017
Unga Tupou shares her vision and insight into the horrific domestic violence phenomena for our Pacific Dialogue series.

Launching Vlog Intro Reel with a Reggae Feel
24 June 2017
Our Pacific Dialogue series launches soon with experts sharing success tips & knowledge from their field of expertise. Here’s our vlog intro reel with a reggae feel.