9 Media Angles to Leverage your Public Relations Strategy

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  • May 22, 2019
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I had the pleasure of being a part of a powerful 1-day “Fame, Fortune & Freedom” workshop recently on the Gold Coast by Australia’s top media expert, Media Queen Aldwyn Altuney, and Blogging for Profit expert, Patricia Laverty.

For the first time ever, Aldwyn and Patricia combined forces to deliver a jam-packed day full of invaluable public relations [PR] gems.

In this blog, I will share Aldwyn Altuney’s 9 media angles that will help propel and leverage your PR exposure. For the best outcome, Aldwyn suggests choosing three media angles from the options below to pitch to different media sources, depending on your target market and their interests:

  1. Unique Solution

Do you have a unique solution for a problem you are wanting to solve in the community? If so, package your solution and promote how you aim to go about solving those problems you’ve encountered. Note that more people search the internet looking for solutions or a different perspective on a situation than anything else.

  1. Award Angle

Have you won an award or were in the running for one? Share that with the media or in your promotional posts, as this can help increase your credibility and expertise in that particular field.

  1. Controversy

The media loves topics that have people talking. If you have an opinion on the recent Australia election for example, American politics, religion, same-sex marriage, etc…, share your perspective and use that to further your cause.

  1. New Statistics

Research a topic in your field and share statistics about it from credible sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS]. ABS releases data routinely so click here to explore your area of interest.

  1. Current Commentary

Anything significant happen in the news recently? Get in while it’s hot and share your opinion on that topic. Not only will you engage the public in conversation, but you can also pique their interest into what your cause is ultimately about.

  1. Be the Underdog

If the word on the street is all fantastic about a certain product or service yet you don’t share the same positive sentiment, then share that and the reasons why you came to that conclusion. You may cause upset to the more popular opinion; however, you will come across as someone with their own mind and the bravery to say what you truly believe.

  1. Hero Angle

In all aspects of life, we all have a heroic story to tell. Stories such as going from childhood hardships to a triumphant life; from someone who has experienced abuse to being in a loving relationship; from financial rags to riches. We all love a hero angle so share your story of overcoming difficulties.

  1. Pic Opportunity

Get a professional photographer to take high res promotional photos and consider pics that will suit your media campaign. Your photos also need to be relevant to your press release and to your target market. You’ll get good coverage across different types of media with professional pics and even better for you if they are taken alongside colourful characters.

  1. Celebrity Angle

Do you know a celebrity in your field that can support your cause? If so, consider telling the story of how you met and share any photo opportunities you may have together. This can also boost your business and brand in the community.


Aldwyn Altuney’s book that entails the above 9 strategies and so much more is called, “Think Big: How to Thrive in Life and Business in a Rapidly Changing World.”

If you would like to know more about the tips shared above or how to get a copy of Aldwyn’s book, click here or send an email to miriam@beyondthepacific.com

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