9 Elements You Need for a Fashion Show

Fashion shows can take months to organise because it involves so many factors and creative people to make it all happen. Led by Co-Founder Cassaundra Rangip, our committee pulled off our 3rd successful ‘Pacific Fashion Festival’ in Brisbane on 8 October 2016.

With three years of experience, I can offer nine elements that will produce a successful fashion show if you’re planning on organising one.

1. Cause

Before starting a fashion show, work out your ‘why’. Is it for profit or for charity? The reason behind your goal will determine the theme of the show. Ours is for the cause against domestic violence and every message we portray flows from this reason.

2. Committee

Once you have your ‘why’ figured out, look for a good team to put together. One that is big enough to distribute tasks evenly to and small enough to manage. Our committee has a team of around 10 active ladies and we all bring different skills and talents to the table to make it a well-rounded committee.

3. Budget

Calculate how much it will cost to run the show. If possible, find sponsors who can back you all the way. This will alleviate any monetary pressure so that you can focus on getting the show organised.

4. Venue

As soon as your budget is sorted and sponsors are in, source a venue straight away as it can take a while to find the right one that will support your fashion show’s vision.

5. Designers

Think about your theme and approach designers who are in line with your vision. For example, our cause against domestic violence is targeted at fellow Pacific Islanders. Therefore, most of our designers are of Pacific Islander heritage.

6. Volunteers

The next step after confirming which designers will showcase at your show is to gather an army of talented people to make it all work. These include models, hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, performers and entertainers. Plan regular rehearsals with them, especially for your models who will be walking the runway.

7. Administration

Behind the scenes of the fashion show is a lot of administration work. Such as determining how much you will sell your general admission and VIP tickets for so that you’re able to cover as much of the expenses as possible.

The other important aspects to remember are the music for the catwalk and interval, program for the day of the event, audio visual, decorations, food and drinks. Also, get the word out there as soon as possible so advertise and market your event frequently on social media, radio and TV where possible.

8. Licenses

Make sure you have valid licenses in place such as those to serve food, alcohol and a Blue Card to work with minors who are under 18 years old. It’s also handy if a team member is a qualified First Aid giver in case any emergency arises. Make sure you have insurance that will cover the show such as Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

9. Show Time

You may be tired and fatigued when show time comes around due to the amount of work involved in putting it altogether and leading up to the show itself. So, remember to relax and enjoy the day; keeping in mind that it will get very hectic, plus stressful, as things may not go to plan. Lastly, enjoy every minute of the show as it goes by way too quickly.


“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will,” fashion designer Anne Klein.


NB: Look out for our next Pacific Fashion Festival held in October, 2017.

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