Date Night Ideas: Here’s 50 For You

Weekly Tuesday night dates have kept our relationship fresh for the past 13 years. We have a system that divides responsibilities evenly between us when organising a date night; and the person who plans the date, pays for it too.

For example, my turns are the weekly even-dated nights of the month. So, in January 2017, they are Tuesday 10th and 24th. Hubby looks after the weekly odd-dated nights of the month, which means his turns are Tuesday 3rd, 17th and 31st.

Date Night reminder note attached to a calendar

There’s plenty to do outside of the usual dinner & movie method, so here’s 50 creative ideas per budget; from free, up to $50, up to $100 and over $100:  


  1. Create a Vision Board for Your Relationship – You’ll find this perfect at the start of the year or at a certain miletone. The point of this interaction is to work out your dreams as a couple, whether you cut out pictures from a magazine to stick on an A1 paper or write up goals on your laptop. Put some music on, pour yourselves a drink and enjoy a date night of creativity.
  1. Play a Board Game – Board games are often so much fun, whether it’d be a deck of cards, an old favourite or a new game.
  1. Paint a Canvas – You don’t have to be an artist or be gifted like Picasso to be able to paint, put your imaginations together and express them on canvas.
  1. Go Through Photo Albums – Reminiscing down memory lane is one sure way to remind you both of the special times in your relationship.
  1. Movie Marathon at Home – Rainy or winter nights are perfect for cosying up with a line of favourite movies so turn your phones off and cuddle up in front of the screen.
  1. Cook Something New Together – Think of a cuisine you haven’t tried before,  look-up the recipe, grab the ingredients and get adventurous cooking in the kitchen together.
  1. Turn Your Dining Room into a Romantic Restaurant – It doesn’t take much to create a romantic ambiance. Light some candles, put on some Barry White tunes, open a bottle of wine and make your partner’s favourite meal. Voila! A romantic restaurant at home.
  1. Bathtub and Candles – Candles, foam and music in the background can turn any bath-time into a romantic one.
  2. Watch the Sunset – There’s something magical about watching the sunset together over the horizon.
  1. Have a Picnic – Pack a basket with delicious food, pick a good spot somewhere peaceful, spread out the blanket and enjoy the moment.

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  1. Walk on the Beach – A simple pleasure that always delivers. Talking and walking hand-in-hand on the beach is a true and tested date night choice.
  1. Swim in the Ocean – Insert slow-motion playfulness in the ocean. Always a fun option.
  1. Climb a Mountain – One of the perks of doing this together is enjoying the view as a couple from the top of the mountain.
  1. Bike Ride  – A simple bike ride around the neighbourhood is perfect for exploring and discovering your area together.
  1. Scenic Drive – Map out scenic lookouts for those stops to admire the view.
  1. Canoe Paddle – Canoeing is so much fun, bound to bring lots of laughter on the water.
  1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen – A wonderful way to connect your hearts as partners is to take care of the needs of others.
  1. Star Gaze – A great way to learn about our galaxy and the stars out there. You could even make a wish on a star!
  1. Movie Under the Stars – There’s bound to be movies under the stars in your area put on by the council for a certain period of time like summer for example. Perfect way to be outdoors on a blanket.
  1. Fishing – My hubby’s favourite. Peace and relaxation guaranteed.

  2. Play Pool / Billiard– Guaranteed to be a lot of fun with a relaxed feel to it.
  3. Karaoke – Singing a duet may just bring out the Sonny and Cher in you both.
  4. Ice-Cream and a Stroll or People Watch – Always a reliable date night option, especially in summer.
  1. Play a Sport – Playing a round of golf or a game of tennis may bring out the competitiveness in you both but always good fun when it’s friendly.
  2. Coffee and Cake – Sharing a nice piece of cake over coffee is often a superb date night combination.
    47489911 - portrait of young couple in love at a coffee shop, boyfriend wiping her mouth with a napkin at breakfast, romantic couple having fun together, two friends smiling sitting in cafe
  1. Local Festival – Festivals often have that air of enjoyment.
  1. Wander Through a Museum – There are different types of museums out there from sports, history or art. Pick one you both enjoy and wander through together.
  1. Visit an Arts Centre – Arts Centres change what they exhibit often. So, keep an eye out on what’s happening at your local Arts Centre.
  1. Ten-Pin Bowling – I’m certain we’ve all tried bowling once in our dating life. Rediscover how much fun bowling is all over again.
  1. Ice-Skating – Rugging up in warm clothes, holding hands whilst ice-skating around the rink is quite charming.


  1. Winery Tour – If you both enjoy drinking wine, you’d enjoy learning about them so visit a winery and organise someone sober to drive you back home.
  1. Theme Park – You’re never too old to visit a theme park for some wild rides and laughter.
  2. Drive-In – The vintage style of seeing a movie at a drive-in still delivers that romantic notion.
  3. Comedy Show – A date night watching a comedy show will deliver loads of laughs which can only be good for your souls.
  4. Horseback Riding – Horses are majestic creatures. Share the experience of riding one alongside each other.

Horse Riding 2

  1. Duo Pampering – I’m talking massages, manicures and pedicures for you both that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.
  1. Watch a Sports Game Live – Get lost in the crowd, enjoy a drink and a hot-dog; barracking for your favourite team together.
  1. Take Dance Lessons – Not only are dance lessons educational, they are also amorous and will have you both ready for that next family or friend gathering.
  1. Night on the Town – You may have stopped going out on the town once you’ve settled into a long-term relationship. Revisit those moments from the past, hit the town together like the good old times.
  1. Shopping – Make that shopping for the passionate department. Browse the shops for what can add value to your romance and love life.


  1. Gondola Cruise – Nothing is more romantic on the water than being glided by a gondolier in a Venetian style rowing boat.
  1. Boat Ride – Take the boat out if you have one or hire one if you don’t for a few hours. A breathtaking way to enjoy a date night on the sea.
  1. Jet Ski Thrill Ride – Two people on a jet ski is a lot of fun. Take yours out for the afternoon or hire one for a few hours.
  1. Skydive – This is one of the most memorable activities you can do together if you’re both up for the adrenaline rush.
  1. Helicopter Ride – Another great way to take in the sights together is from a helicopter.

Helicopter 3

  1. Hot Air Balloon – Floating in the air in a basket is one of the most peaceful activities I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommend it.
  1. Go to a Concert – Concerts are perfect when you see a favourite band or musician you have in common.
  1. See a Broadway Show – You may only to do it once, but once is enough. A Broadway show will take your breath away. Bonus is getting dressed up nicely for it too.
  1. Fine Dining – Fine dining done properly in an exquisite restaurant is unforgettable.
  1. Hire a Hotel Room for the Night – This is perfect if you have children that you can have babysat or you want to sleep in a different environment for the night. Use your imagination and have a good time.


There you have it, 50 creative options to a fun date night from freebies to those over $100 per couple. It all starts with visualising what you want to do, see and experience with your spouse in a given time-frame and then to go about doing them.

Whether you’ve been together for 5, 15 or 25 years, there’s always a way to keep your relationship fresh through creative thinking and planning.

“Happy date night!” – a greeting my hubby and I say to each other every Tuesday night.

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