Podcast: Erue Bucher – Yoga Teacher at ’Erue Yoga’

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  • July 24, 2019
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Season 2, Episode 4

“We would have different life experiences if we weren’t so caught up in the mundane nature of life … we’d have better clarity and make better choices when we approach life from a deep sense of self,” quoting yoga teacher Erue Bucher.

In this enlightening podcast, Erue Bucher takes us on a journey from her birthplace of Papua New Guinea, to schooling in England and living in Tanzania. She shares what prompted her to take up yoga whilst living in Fiji for over 5 years, which eventually led to having an epiphany to teach yoga.

Since 2009, Erue has taught yoga in Melbourne, Vanuatu and now in Brisbane; where she currently runs her practice called ‘Erue Yoga.’ Erue conducts yoga retreats and her first successful trip in 2017 was to Papua New Guinea. Later this year is a 7-day getaway to Plantation Island, Fiji.

Lastly, Erue shares her perspective on why Christians shouldn’t jugde yoga too quickly and that most believers are perhaps ignorant about the pratice.

Erue Yoga

The eight limbs of yoga that Erue touched on are:

  1. Yama – a focus on internal attitude.
  2. Niyama – observations and behaviour.
  3. Asana – the physical pratice, which is popularly used in the West.
  4. Pranayama – breathing techniques.
  5. Pratyahara – withdrawal from all five senses.
  6. Dharana – concentration and focus.
  7. Dhyana – contemplation.
  8. Samadhi – absolute freedom and state of ecstacy.

10 Fun Facts About Erue Bucher

  1.  A nickname of mine: I was named after my aunty when I was born and she gave me the nickname “Kos.” The reason is just because.
  2. My first job: Developing photos at a photography business.
  3. Favourite smell from the kitchen: I love the smell of fresh pineapples! Especially the organic ones from the South Pacific islands, they are juicier and tastier than the pineapples here in Australia.
  4. My signature dish: Is a European dish called béchamel sauce, which is a mixture of cauliflower and cheese.
  5. My most attractive feature: My smile.
  6. A pet hate of mine: Seeing people smoke cigarettes. Also, litter – especially plastic litter that I’ve come across when I’ve gone swimming, snorkelling or diving back in the islands.
  7. Home to me is: Myself.
  8. Best line from a favourite movie: “O Captain! My Captain,” from Dead Poets Society. I love how I can feel the passion from this part of the movie.
Erue Pic (2)

9. Something you may not know about me: I am an amazing lover. I embody a deep sensuality and find that sexual energy is powerful that it can lead us to be more creative in all other parts of our lives.

10. A moment that changed my life: The day my eldest daughter was born in 1996. My mum delivered her after a short 3.5 hours of labour and it was the most special feeling. Needless to say, my mum and eldest daughter a strong bond and deep connection.

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