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My role as Co-Director of World Outreach International took me to Africa where fellow Director, Mr Grahame Orpin, our team and I oversaw the following projects for the local communities:

  • Construction of a health care centre in Namina, Mozambique [as per above article & I wanted to adopt that beautiful child I was holding];
  • Construction of a cashew nut factory in Nampula, Mozambique;
  • Contribution to Mully Children’s Family orphanages in Ndalani, Kenya; and
  • Visited and comforted AIDS victims in their homes with the assistance of their local NGO MaAfrika Tikkun in Diepsloot Township, South Africa .
I fell in love with this child and wanted to adopt him, Namina, Mozambique
Namina, Mozambique
Cashew Nut Factory, Nampula, Mozambique with fellow Director Grahame Orpin opposite me
Mully Children’s Family’ orphanage, Ndalani, Kenya
Also fell in love with the child near the blue door and wanted to adopt her too
Visiting AIDS Victims in Diepsloot Township, South Africa with MaAfrika Tikkun
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