Podcast: Alvina Salemanesa – Founder of ‘Sweet Inspiration with Alvina’

Season 1, Episode 6

“What drives my health journey is firstly getting my mindset right about food portions,” quoting our podcast guest Alvina Salemanesa.

In this inspiring podcast episode #6, Vina shares her amazing lifestyle transformation from 120kgs to where she is now! She also gives a few tips on how to maintain a healthy weight, such as Know you why for wanting to lose the weight, believing in yourself, giving the transformation the time it requires and hone in on good daily habits.

Vina also shares what brought out her confidence to start singing (beautifully) again, as she is a trained classical pianist and was accepted into the Brisbane Conservatorium at one point in her young life. We also discover Vina’s background and the reason why she started her podcast called ‘Sweet Inspiration with Alvina’ in June 2018. Click on Vina’s website here or Facebook page here to learn more about this very talented island gem in our midst.

10 Fun Facts About Alvina Salemanesa

  1.  A nickname of mine: Vina or simply V.
  2. My first job: Giving piano lessons at the age of 17.

  3. Favourite smell from the kitchen: Current fave smell is cauliflower, brocolli, lemon and pepper cooked together in the pan.
  4. My signature dish: Great pancakes.
  5. My most attractive feature: My nose.
  6. A pet hate of mine: Littering, people who throw rubbish in public and not in the bin.
  7. Home to me is: Where my parents are.
  8. Best line from a favourite movie: ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner!’ Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.

9. Something you may not know about me: I have a fear of crossing the road. If I’m not at a pedestrian crossing, I won’t cross the road.

10. A moment that changed my life: Walking into the gym and meeting my pesonal trainer Matt.

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