Podcast: With a Very Special Guest

Season 1, Episode 2

“It’s none of your business what anyone thinks of you,” favourite quote by my better half.

In this light-hearted podcast episode #2, my better half and I discuss our beautiful paradise of Fiji in all sorts of fashion and memories. We explore the universal glass ceiling experienced by women across all societies and the essence of female empowerment.

Beyond the Pacific

Hubby turns the mic on me to share about ‘Beyond the Pacific’s:’ 

  • background,
  • vision, and
  • growth.

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10 Fun Facts About Miriam Ratu

  1.  A nickname of mine: Skinny … I was a stick-thin girl growing up.
  2. My first job: At 14 years old working for Coles as a check-out chick in Footscray, Melbourne for after-school pocket money. I got fired after a month because I was so slow … haha!
  3. Favourite smell from the kitchen: Garlic, onion and ginger being sauteed; always reminds me of mum’s cooking.
  4. My signature dish: Moroccan French-cut lamb shanks with chick peas and spinach. I love cooking Moroccan dishes and their spices!
  5. My most attractive feature: As told from other people, my smile.
  6. A pet hate of mine: Lack of punctuality and gossips.
  7. Home to me is: Where my husband is.
  8. Best line(s) from a favourite movie: ‘Show me the money’ and ‘you complete me’ from my fave movie Jerry Macguire with one of my two all-time fave actors Tom Cruise. The other fave is Will Smith.
Miriam Ratu

9. Something you may not know about me: I am an adrenaline junkie.

10. A moment that changed my life: The day I decided to buy a one-way ticket and leave Melbourne for Sunshine Coast on 26 March, 2000. I’ve never looked back and have built a life on my own here in Queensland for the past 18 years – best years of my life.

Beyond the Pacific

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  1. Brittany Ritchings

    November 17, 2019

    Good post and it’s nice to know more about you Miriam.

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